UV20 Supple PVC Glass Clear Tarpaulins

Our UV20 supple glass clear PVC is a 20 thou gauge material that is very flexible, durable and offers a fantastic grade of clarity for many applications. This material is also Flame Retardant as standard.
We can manufacture clear tarpaulin sheet into any shape or size and offer reinforced PVC hems with solid brass eyelets wherever required. Our standard clear sheets listed are finished with white heavy duty reinforcement in the hems and eyelets punched every 500mm but this can be adjusted to suit your needs. 
This material is only produced in widths of 1370mm so we do need to weld sheets together to make larger sizes.
This PVC can also be welded into opaque sheets to create glass clear windows etc. Just email over any requirements you have to our sales team and we will work out a quotation for you.
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